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For “Tie House” Corporate

Why does “Tie House” need a profile?

Here my expulsion fits between the large size of the company and its business and sales and the constant need to document and show this size, if anyone came and asked .. Who is Tie House? Or in what field do you work? The answer will be very long and will not be adequate in all cases and here comes the role of a company profile to answer any question pertaining to them and its business has taken over this task and now it is planning

It’s Planning Time

We worked on brand credibility

After planning the profile and how it was formatted, credibility was the language we would speak in almost all pages. We prepared for the photography campaign. We traveled to more than one of the company's sales branches and went to the production line factory to achieve that credibility.

It’s Photography phase

Branches overview

This is our way of filming the presentation of Tie House - Mall of Egypt and on your right the image we got after a number of experiments and adjustment


A very important factor in highlighting the strength of the company is the focus on its products and accuracy so the campaign included the selection of selected products and photographed and to your right the result

Text Area



Writing area means

Maxes photographer not only creates an artistic vision of the image, but also takes into account the location of the writing in the profile according to the agreed layout.


Here comes the importance of focusing on the details of the complementary products and show them the professional appearance

The effort result

The only proof of all that is mentioned in this case study is to see for yourself the result of our effort

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