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RFID Egypt is

a passionate company

We love working with them<3

Despite the momentum of the market companies and businesses, but rarely find companies working with a constant passion, not less with the challenges, but more especially as the company is working on technology that makes them daily innovate new solutions using them, and they have every day a new challenge with each new customer

Let’s make a design

RFID is the technology

of the future

This company looked to the future and chose the technology on which to build its project solutions. We learned a lot from them once they deal with them and contact their projects. In addition, we have common intentions to cooperate in future projects.

Let's make our systems appear

As independent branders

This was a bold step that we were able to convince the RFID Egypt team to create a separate identity for each system they created. Over the past 7 months, we have worked and researched to produce a separate identity for 11 systems, each serving a specific field using this technology.

Let’s make logos

Apply all these innovations within a website

We did a professional photography session to achieve credibility.

Like it ?!

Do it with Maxes ;)

Do not hesitate immediately to cite this case study and ask for our ideas on developing your business and achieving a success story similar to that real situation

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