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For “JeansCar” Corporate

JeansCar is The Leader

Since 1965

Jeans Car is one of the most important customers of Maxes. We have been working together for more than 7 years. This company is considered the pioneer of the car brush manufacturing market in Egypt since 1965. We have provided them with almost all our services but to follow the focus strategy, we will focus on 3 stories we produced

3 Commercial ADs

You have three stories

Dicover them!

The Story of

The Chair AD

To focus on the quality of the final product offered by JeansCar, we found ourselves facing a challenge to express the relevance of the existing JeansCar customers to the product.

3 Commercial ADs

The Chair AD

The Chair AD

“Salma” is the hero

Our casting team chose Salma to be the champion of the advertisement and her start-up scene until you reach us for the mysterious point

The concept

of the chair

The chair was the only thing that reflected the services of brushless cars and was the champion of the second announcement

The Story of

50 Years of Warranty

There is no company on the planet that gives a 50-year warranty on any product, and even companies that call its product a lifetime warranty. This warranty is conditional and incomplete. Referring to the 50 years of experience of Jeans Car

3 Commercial ADs

50 Years of Warranty

50 Years of Warranty

Pilgrim Momen refers to


We decided to express experience in an unconventional way, so we used the pilgrim believer to play a role that indirectly refers to experience

“Adel Hosny”

works hard

Our photographer Adel is working hard to achieve our vision of producing an impressive ad

The Story of

Experience Meal

In this story we decided to be the new challenge is to express experience something new and unexpected and here we chose one of the management representatives in the company to be the champion of advertising, because it speaks the Syrian dialect and this dialect linked in Egypt chefs skilled and owners and elaborate and dazzling meals

3 Commercial ADs

Experience Meal

Cooking “experience meal” at orange kitchen

What is “the experience meal”?

As we mentioned, Jeans Car has 50 years of experience, and we used to show them their experience in indirect examples and after the production of previous ads we had to change the concept and transform the way of expressing experience and this was the story of this story as the experience here was a meal Prepared by a chef, but you will discover that there are unusual raw materials used by that chef .. See for yourself and discover what happened

Why Orange ??

Jeans Car's visual identity is orange, and our choice of orange kitchen always points in the background to that identity we cherish

Our Work Achieves Great Effect

In This Business Sides

Market Leadership

Sales Numbers


Art Tasting

The effort result

The only proof of all that is mentioned in this case study is to see for yourself the result of our effort

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